The Power of Positive Beings 

Remaining passionate and positive during tough times – GMEN went through two years of the roughest work we have experienced in our 25-year history. Watching businesses close, families in economic trauma, evictions and foreclosures across the state. We pulled together teams of contractors to help us mitigate all the damages but weekly we also “checked in” to see how we were doing while continuing to help others. It gave us the opportunity to also share our fears that we weren’t doing enough, tell the stories of people who had treated us badly that week while we were trying to help them, encourage one another when we also experienced our own personal crises. How do you stay positive when the world is falling apart for so many people? Norman

Vincent Peale wrote the seminal book “The Power of Positive Thinking” which focuses on the mind taking control of bad situations and reframing them to see the positive aspects. There is even more power though in connecting to other positive beings, people who can ride the waves, the storms of life and pull out and hold up their umbrella when yours turns inside out. Thinking positive is great but nothing can supersede the power of positive beings doing life together.


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