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The ATLINBusiness Portal provides Atlanta entrepreneurs with all of the information that they need to plan, start, manage and grow a business. The City of Atlanta is open for business, and the ATLINBusiness Portal is the best source to help your business thrive and grow.

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The ATLINBusiness Portal is an invaluable tool for all our entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for the info they need to plan, launch, and grow their business.

Mayor Andre Dickens

Empowering Dreams: How ATLinBusiness is Supporting Entrepreneurs in the City

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Resilience and Innovation: How Buenos Dias Cafe Thrived with ATLinBusiness Support

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Got an idea? Learn how to take your business from an idea to reality.


You are ready to start your business, the ATLINBusiness wizard and starter kits will guide you through the process.


You are now a business owner, find important information on how to manage your business, laws, important dates, and other resources.


You planned and launched, business is doing well, but it is time to take your business to the next level.

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