Employer Tax and Reporting Requirements

There are a few steps that you need to take when you hire an employee. First, you’ll need to verify their eligibility to work and register to pay employer and payroll taxes. Below, you can learn more about how to smoothly onboard your new team.

All businesses in the state of Georgia are required to have unemployment insurance with the Department of Labor.

All businesses in the state of Georgia must have Workers’ Compensation. This is an insurance that pays for an employee’s bills and salary if the worker is hurt while at work or performing a work task.

Finally, you must complete an E-verify form, even if you will not have employees. The form is made up of two parts. You must complete both parts of the form if you have more than 10 employees. You will only need to complete the first half of the form if you mark the option stating that you have less than 10 employees (0 to 9 employees).

Please click here to access the E-verify form.

You must also complete a SAVE Affidavit, which is a form stating that the person who is applying for a business license is a documented citizen/resident/alien or nonimmigrant in the United States. Even if you will not have employees, you must complete this form.

Please click here to access the SAVE Affidavit form.

When applying for a business license with the Office of Finance’s Department of Revenue, failure to present the E-verify form or the SAVE Affidavit (and a copy of a valid state or federal issued ID) will result in the delay or the rejection of the business license application.

Work Force Centers

From job training to job placement, the City of Atlanta can help your business with its workforce needs. WorkSource Centers provide several free services for employers, including posting job openings, identifying and pre-screening eligible candidates, and providing interview rooms for your business.

Understanding Employer Responsibilities

From how to set up basic payroll to how to offer benefits, the SBA provides the necessary information for your business to be in compliance with rules and regulations and to ensure that your hiring and managing of employees is done appropriately. Please visit the SBA’s hiring and managing guide.

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